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PRINCESS VICTORIA  Luxury Fashion & Cosmetics.Ltd founded in 2000 by Dr. Andrew (Late, Pharmacist). A man committed to creating high-quality cosmetics that could meet a real need in an era of unreliable elixirs peddled by questionable characters. We take pride in using only the highest standards of pigments and ingredients.

Mr. Andrew was preparing handmade skincare products only for the Royals. His anti-aging product introduced first time for commercial use in 1977 in a Manhattan’s saloon (NY) that was the historic moment with opening a new door for unique and Luxury Cosmetics products, meanwhile on the high demand of the people of US market he decided to manufacture it at large scale and handed over to a Canadian Luxury Cosmetics for manufacturing on a commercial basis.

His charge to the generations of employees who have followed was this: “World is not enough, take what you find here and make it better and better.”

More than a decade later, we remain committed to his vision through every aspect of our business and the people we serve starting with those who take our cosmetics, and extending to Beauty & skincare professionals, employees, and the communities in which we live.

We at PRINCESS VICTORIA are committed to your skincare in helping you to bring it to the natural best. Our range of beauty products is perfect for all adult skin types from facial cleansers, anti-aging, and moisturizers to body care. We bring for you gentle, efficacious ingredients to help you invest in beautiful & healthy skin.

PRINCESS VICTORIA celebrates diversity and INDIVIDUALITY – we are for All Ages, All Races, All Genders, meeting Canada’s Health and Welfare Requirements. Qualified personnel produces these products under proper supervision in sanitary manufacturing conditions and in full compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as established by Health Canada, US FDA, and the World Health Organization.


    • Paraben-Free
    • Made in Canada
    • Hypo-Allergenic
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • Fragrance-Free
    • Not Tested on Animals
    • Except for Pencil Liquid Crystal Adhesive
    • Pencils and Mechanical Liners Made in Germany
    • Skin Care products are not fragrance-free

    We have 4 annual color stories with new products being introduced; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday collections unlike any other.


    PRINCESS VICTORIA unites caring with discovery to create Luxury Cosmetics & Fashion products that make a beautiful and luxurious lifestyle for people around the world.

    Three long-established core values guide PRINCESS VICTORIA in all that we do:

    • Integrity: We conduct our business consistent with all applicable laws and are honest in our dealings with customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, competitors, and the community.
    • Excellence: We pursue LUXURY FASHION & COSMETICS innovation, provide high-quality products and strive to deliver superior business results.
    • Respect for People: We maintain an environment built on mutual respect, openness, and individual integrity. Respect for people includes our concern for all people who touch or are touched by our company: customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, and communities.


    2117 Richmond Road SW Calgary, AB T2T 5C9, Canada

    24/7 +1 (587) 288-7899
    USA & North America +1-888-363-1644
    Australia 00-11-1-416-233-5383
    International 001-416-233-5383

    Monday - Friday 8: AM to 5: PM
    Saturday - sunday Closed