4 Useful Contour and Highlighting Tips
  • 08th Dec, 2020
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4 Useful Contour and Highlighting Tips

In this digital era, you can find several Makeup artists on different social media platforms displaying their skills. It may inspire you to do your makeup yourself, but you have to think about the time and efforts that these makeup artists took to reach this place. Dig deep down to gain all the knowledge and necessary skills to attain the same position.

Contouring and highlighting hold great importance in face makeup. You can watch contour and highlighting tutorials to get an idea, but you have to implement it practically to gain perfection. As a woman, you need to attain contouring and highlighting skills, so you can save your money and time. Nothing happens overnight, so you need to put in the effort to acquire these skills.

Here are some pro tips that will help you to gain expertise in contouring and highlighting, so you will be able to do it yourself.

Start by Understanding It

It is hard to accomplish anything unless you don’t have a proper understanding of it. Gain a proper understanding of all technical aspects of contour and highlighting but before that, you should know what it is actually. It is not possible to attain success without having the right direction to follow.

Contouring is creating shadows on your face through outlining to get your desired look. Shadow defines some specific areas on your face. It builds a sculpted look that provides a slim look to your nose.

Even your forehead will appear smaller and cheekbones sharper. When it comes to highlighting, you need to understand that it is the complete opposite of contouring. Rather than adding shadows, it lightens up your face. A highlighter makes your face prominent by lighting it up.

Tools Required for Contour and Highlighting

You will need different tools for applying contour and highlighting, so you should know about it. The first thing that you need is brushes. Look for high-quality brushes that will help you to apply makeup smoothly. You can explore a variety of brushes that help you apply makeup in different ways.

The angled contour brush helps you to gain the perfect outline. On the other hand, a small contour brush provides you a sculpted look. The best place to use a small contour brush is the smaller areas on your face. You can use it under the bottom lip and the sides of the nose.

The angled contour brush is well-suited for the cheekbones that provide you with a nice line. You also need to pick the right amount of highlighter to lighten up your cheeks. Initially, you may experiment with contour and highlighting the palette to get familiarized with it.

Products to Use with Contour and Highlighting

You can use plenty of products for contour and highlight. Contour and highlighting for beginners can be difficult, but with the right knowledge, you can sharpen your skill set.

Powder bronze is the most basic contour that you can easily blend. In the next step, you have to apply the cream and powder contour that provides a sculpted look.

Cream bronzers are available in tubes, so it provides you more convenience and control on the palette. You will need a contour brush to apply the makeup.

You can also use a stick concealer for contour. It is several shades darker than your skin tone. When it comes to highlighters, you can choose shimmery or either highlight powder with a cream. It is a few shades lighter than your skin tone.

Where to Apply

Talking about contouring, many people do not have any idea where to use it properly. You may know that cheekbones are an ideal place for contouring, but there are different places that you can consider for contouring as well. It is vital to understand that contour and highlighting makeup is more effective if it is applied in the correct place.

The area under your lower eyes and lips is perfect for contouring. Shadow makes your lips prominent. You can also consider the top of your forehead for contouring, the area near your hairline. It will make your forehead appear smaller.

Once you apply contour on a particular area on your face then you can have a better idea of what suits you and what does not. For highlighting, you should consider the area above the cheekbones where you contoured. You can also highlight other places like the cupid’s bow, the area under the center of the nose, and the brow bone.

Summing it Up

Makeup requires a specific set of skills that helps you to attain the right look as per your face shape and skin tone.

The same goes for contour and highlighting. Women with round-shaped faces should contour the sides of their cheeks rather than directly contouring the cheeks. It makes your face appear less round by pulling it down.

Every face shape has its requirements, so you have to experiment with yourself to attain a perfect look. Hopefully, the makeup contour and highlighting tips explained above will help you to get a stunning look by applying it correctly.

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