8 Makeup Trends to Consider for 2020
  • 10th Dec, 2020
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8 Makeup Trends to Consider for 2020

When time evolves everything changes with it, even fashion and beauty trends.

Just think that will you follow the makeup trend of 2010 in 2020? No, right?

In the current era, you can do plenty of things to your face but it’s important to have the right understanding of various trends.

To gain your desired freshness and charm, you need to embrace experimentation. It’s about trying the new look by wearing bright lipstick or by trying the bold liner look.

If you take a look at the makeup style of various celebrities like Ash Holm, Keita Moore, and Etienne Ortega, you will notice their creativity. It will make you realize what you should do with your face.

Here are makeup trends 2020 that will give you the right direction to enhance your look and feel.

Emphasize on Eye Shapes

Eye makeup is going to be the focus of this year. It is one of the recent trends that are quite visible on the red carpets and various fashion events.

It is mainly focused on creating stunning eye shapes by using light blended color blocks, so it is not too bright.

Eye makeup is about enhancing your facial features, not making a colorful box.

In 2020, eye makeup has been on the rise. The colorful glitter and avant-garde are making the headlines in fashion circles.

This is a perfect time for beauty geeks to adapt to these trends because it will nurture, evolve, and make an impact on the fashion world.

White Eyeliner

The combination of blue pops with a crisp white eyeliner gives you an appealing look.

It is a contrasting colorful shade and this trend is expected to grow soon.

White eyeliner with a contrasting colorful shade gives you the perfect blend of elegance and grace.

Top makeup artists have stated that nontraditional eyeliner such as cream and white colors will surpass all makeup trends and will grow more and more. If you are not fond of black liner then it will be a great addition to your makeup kit.

Patrick Ta is a well-known makeup artist and has worked with big names like Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. He stated that nontraditional eyeliner will remain in trend for a very long time.

Sharp and crisp white eyeliner refreshes your look. You can apply it easily as this trend is low-risky and has a smooth formula to use.

Classic Products

Monika Blunder, a renowned celebrity makeup artist who has worked with celebrities like Gemma Chan and Amanda Seyfried. She has stated that this year will bring classic makeup products and trends.

These classic products are expected to rule the fashion and beauty industry in 2020. Take an example of a classic product like red lipstick. It will always remain a huge trend and will keep providing a bold appearance to the people.

If you love experimenting with the shape and color then you can make the best use of all-time classical products like a sharp winged liner or red lipstick.

Feathered Eyebrows

Those days are long gone when women kept the original look of their eyebrows.

Now brow pens are used massively to enhance the natural shape of brow hair.

You can form a variety of beautiful eyebrow shapes that can set you apart in the crowd. Feathered eyebrows are one of the latest trends that makeup artists are embracing.

Eyebrow treatments like brow laminations are also becoming popular to enhance facial features.

You can easily create a feathered eyebrow by taking a SoapBrows product. Soap is present in a container, you can rub it with mascara through the eyebrows to attain a feathered look.

Soft Complexions

The softly illuminated complexion is expected to be one of the major trends of 2020.

If you are looking for makeup trends in summer 2020 then this could be an ideal fit for you. Soft glow does not put much burden on your face and still can give you a flawless look.

You can try a soft glow on your eyes, lips, and face according to your choice. You may also try lip luster or glossy lipstick for a gorgeous shine.

Suitable Makeup for Skin

People have now become fully aware of what they are putting on their face. They are giving preference now to skin-care hybrids that possess good skin-care ingredients and offer great quality as well.

Top beauty brands like Clé de Peau Beauté implement this efficiently in their products. They revamp their products by incorporating the sorted skincare ingredients.

Color shades are the first thing that attracts consumers but now they are more concerned about their skin health.

Use of Crystals and Glitter

Pressing your eyes with glitter on your eyeshadow always creates magic for you.

You may also paint it with eyeliner to make yourself more prominent and appealing.

Lemonhead’s glitter pastes can help you to attain the spotlight of any event and this will remain a big trend for a long time.

Watercolor Eyes

If you like to carry a soft and sophisticated look then you will love this trend.

When you are getting ready in the morning, you can use the soft blending brush to apply the light pink blush or eyeshadow.

It doesn't take much time, so if you are a working woman you can follow this trend and apply it quickly before going to your workplace.

You may use the blending brush to build a soft layer of color around the eyes.

Final Words

Trends come and go. The important thing is to harness the current practices that top makeup artists recommend and follow.

You may have been following makeup trends over the years but the above-explained guide will help you to level up your makeup game. It will surely make a positive impact on your personal and professional life.

When you will look good, you will feel great and that will help you to surround yourself with positive energy.

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