How to Choose Makeup for your Skin Tone
  • 10th Dec, 2020
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How to Choose Makeup for your Skin Tone

You may have seen somebody with face makeup that is way too dark or light for their skin tone, making them look like a ghost.

As a woman, you must know different factors that are involved in choosing the right face makeup as per your makeup tone.

It is tough to guess the perfect makeup shade that matches your skin. But you should know your skin tone for the right makeup choice.

Here is a complete process that will help you to make the right decision regarding your makeup choice.

How to Identify your Skin Tone

You cannot choose the right makeup unless you do not know your skin complexion.

Having a fair skin tone means that you have porcelain skin. This type of skin is referred to as smooth textured and blemish-free skin.

On other hand, if you have a light skin tone then you have a pale skin tone that is not quite as fair.

The medium skin tone means that your skin tone is not either very dark or very light. It lies somewhere in between. The deep skin tone means that you have a dark complexion.

Here are some different ways to check your skin tone.

Check your Face in Natural Light

You can get the best view in natural light, so test your skin tone in it.

Wash your face completely if you are wearing any makeup before going into the natural light as it will give you the best result.

Keep a small mirror with you before heading into the sunlight.

To analyze your natural tone, see your jawline that changes the color when sunlight hits it. While finding your surface color, you need to blend from your jaw. You will see the shade there, so that is the shade you need to match with makeup.

Try Silver-Gold Test

Put on silver jewelry and if it complements your skin better than gold then it means you have a cool undertone.

If gold suits you then it means that you have a warm skin tone.

This test helps you to choose the makeup products according to the light or warm skin tone.

Examine your Veins

Checking your veins in the sunlight is another effective way to determine your skin tone.

You have a cool skin tone if your veins appear purple or blue. If it appears green or a mixture of green and blue then it means you have a warm skin tone.

If you cannot identify your vein's color then it means you have a neutral skin tone. Women with olive complexion come into this category.

Choosing the Right Makeup for Skin Tone

After determining skin tone, you have to choose the right cosmetics accordingly.

Applying the right makeup as per your skin tone helps you to attain a perfect look.

Here is how you can choose the right makeup according to your skin tone.

Makeup for Brown Skin Tone

If you have determined that your skin is brown then you need to follow specific steps to ensure the right makeup.

Women with brown skin tones have a face relatively lighter than their bodies. It means when you need to choose the shade that matches your body.

To get a perfect match, try two to three shades with different variations to attain the look that suits you. By doing this, you can get the most natural look.

Picking the right blush according to your skin tone is also the key. With a brown skin tone, you need to choose deep shades such as cranberry or brighter orange.

Do not go for the bold colors as it will go against your complexion. You can also choose bright fuchsia as it goes well with brown skin tone.

Makeup for Dark Skin Tone

Women with dark skin tone need to keep their skin hydrated to get rid of the dryness problems. If you have such skin and it is not moisturized then it can make you look ashy. It will keep your skin glowing and neat.

When it comes to choosing the foundation, you need to ensure that it matches your natural skin complexion.

You can try two different shades of foundation on your face.

One is a lighter shade that you can apply to the center part of the face. Another one is the natural tone for the rest of your face. It would also improve the glow on your face. Do not use transparent powder as it can leave a grayish tinge on your skin.

Makeup for Cool Skin Tone

For cool skin undertones, you can consider the eye shadows of blue color with red or pink lipstick. It will boost your complexion and complement your skin tone.

Makeup for Warm Skin Tone

If you have golden brown skin then earthy eyeshadows would be the best fit for it. Go for the foundation that has a yellow undertone. Bronze or orange shade can be the perfect choice for you if you have a warm undertone.

Makeup for Neutral Skin Tones

If your analysis says that your skin tone is neutral then you should be relieved.

You can carry almost any cosmetics with this type of skin tone. Consider something that complements your eyes and hair.


The above-mentioned key points will not only help you to choose the right makeup according to your skin tone but also to determine it.

Our skin does not remain constant throughout every season it varies, so you need to choose cosmetics accordingly. You may have to consider the one shade lighter or darker than a regular color.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to make the right choice for cosmetic products and will contribute positively to set you apart from the rest of the others.

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