We personally care to make products in your best interests.

Whether you wish to create your unique brand or aim to further enhance the brand(s) that you already have, PRINCESS VICTORIA LUXURY COSMETICS is the right address.

PRINCESS VICTORIA LUXURY COSMETICS is a global specialist in PRIVATE LABEL (Contract Manufacturing) supplies of diversified personal care and beauty products for many prestigious retailers and distinguished traders from around the world. Its customized production capabilities offer an A-to-Z service with criteria-focused accuracy, precision, and speed.

How It Works


Your Vision is our goal

  • Price competitiveness
  • Advanced artwork technology
  • Diversified packaging

Your Brand is our strength

  • Complete service from concept to consumer
  • Comprehensive products and categories
  • High standard quality control

Your Success is our reward

  • Production flexibility
  • Fast and effective logistics

The company’s innovative approach to creativity and diversity is reflected in the products that it produces, whether this may be for its brands or the brands of its highly valued partners (clients).

From concept design to production, packing, shipping, and marketing creativity with E-Commerce website (online store) PRINCESS VICTORIA LUXURY COSMETICS effectively have the required know-how technical competence and most advanced resources to flawlessly meet PRIVATE LABEL demands with complete confidence and confidentiality because our core values our assets.


We conduct our business consistent with all applicable laws and are honest in our dealings with customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, competitors, and the community.


We pursue Cosmetics innovation, provide high-quality products and strive to deliver superior business results.

Respect for People

We maintain an environment built on mutual respect, openness, and individual integrity. This includes our concern for all people who touch or are touched by our company: customers, employees, shareholders, partners, suppliers, and communities.

The company’s foremost objective to successfully support its valuable partner (clients) is reinforced by the intangible values that it shares with them. At PRINCESS VICTORIA LUXURY COSMETICS, these values are defined as integrity, transparency, teamwork, and consistency which inevitably form the desired foundation for building a strong and long-term working relationship.

For your PRIVATE LABEL requirements, contact PRINCESS VICTORIA LUXURY COSMETICS LTD making your final decision. Their highly qualified and vastly experienced consultant will gladly provide you professional and friendly true advice based on realistic and feasible guidelines that will help you to make the right decision within available seed capital.


COMPLEXION All Face Makeup. (Foundation & Face Primer Concealers, Blush, Powders, Palettes).
EYES, All Eyes Makeup.(Eyeshadows, Pencils & Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Eye Cream & Primer, Glitter & Eyebrow Palettes and Empty Palettes)
LIPS, All Makeup for Lips. (Lipsticks, Mate and Primary, Liquified Lipsticks Mate & Primary Galactic Gloss & Plumpers, Lipgloss, Lip Scrub & Conditioner)

(All skincare care Botanical Products Efficacious Creams, Lotions & Gel with enriched emollients, moisturizers & extracts for Hand, Body & Face, Cleanser, Toners, Serum & Scrub, Mask & Mist, Makeup Remover, setting Spray and wide range of Anti-Aging & Eyes tightening creams & Serum.
BODY CARE (Liquid Hand Soaps, Shower Gels, Scrubs, Natural Soaps & Botanical Body Lotion, Moisturizers)
FOOT CARE. (Sun-resistant / skin-protective Lotions & Sun-tan Oils)
FEMINNE CARE. (Depilatory Creams, Intimate Gels, Intimate Wipes
FRAGRANCE Only creation from the Capital of the Perfume world GRASE FRANCE
MEN’S PERFUMES (sexual Enhancement Aroma, Arabic OUD wood Sandal, Orchid and Natural Flowers Lavender all kind of Fragrance with Luxurious Bottles & Box)
WOMEN’S PERFUMES (sexual Enhancement Aroma, Foreplay & Pleasure scents, Extreme Arabic OUD Vanilla, Sandal wood and Natural Flowers Lavender all kind of Fragrance with Luxurious Bottles & Box)
SAME’ S SEX PERFUMES (Creating Fragrance for LESBIAN couples & Gay Couples from natural sources. HOME’S FRAGRANCE. (Scented Candles, Room Spray, Scent Diffuser with Refill, Rose water & Oil, Lavender Oil & water)
HAIR CARE (Keratin Treatment products & Shampoos Conditioners for all hair types, Hair care Makes, Hair Colors, Hair Nourishing Creams)
NAIL CARE. All kind of Nail Care products (Nail Polish, Gel, Nail Art, UV lamps, Shiner, Remover, File Shapers)
BABY CARE (Baby Shampoos, Shower Gel Baby Oils Lotion, Baby cologne, Rash Creams, Baby Wipes & Baby Perfumes)
LUXURIOUS ACCESSORIES & BRUESHES (Brushes, Eyelashes, Apron, Beauty Box & Sags Makeup Chart, Vegan Sponge, Wedges Foam, Lash Curler)

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